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The Day I Died

We have all heard the stories of those who die, watch their life flashing before them, see a bright light, have some spiritual experience and then come back to this world. Well, this is exactly how it happened for me. I have had the blessing of experiencing death and I have NEVER felt so alive! Greetings, This email is a celebration of the most important day of my life; The Day I Died, and I'd love to share this story with you. My hope is that it might inspire you to claim triumph and victory in ALL your experience! No weapon formed against you can or will ever prosper! The earthly story is common. Girl goes crazy over a guy, he is abusive, she is addicted to him and the drama ensues. He beats her, things get out of hand and then he kills her. It’s not a new story, it’s quite ancient. Many of the details of how I died are unimportant. I will give you a few of the basics. I was in a very abusive relationship when I was in my young 20’s. Drugs, mixed with a touch of mental illness in me, combined with his total lunacy, fueled the physical abuse which had started to become much more serious. One night I informed him that I wanted to end the relationship. He responded with, “I’ll kill you first.” My reply was “So be it”. At that point, the beating began, He threw me around like a rag doll by my ponytail, and then he strangled me until I left my body. This is where my life began. As the oxygen began to leave my brain, I thought to myself, “I am going to die right here, right now, in this bed; naked, loaded and shamed.” Next, the room closed in on me and I left my body. I did not merely pass out. I never lost consciousness of what was happening to me on the bed. “I am dead,” I said to myself as my life flashed before me. I thought of my innocent daughter, who was just 3-years-old and what would happen to her. A voice said, “I have her, she is mine.” I thought of all the wrongdoings I believed I had done in my life. I heard God’s voice very clearly say to me “None of that matters.You are here with me.” There was no time, space, and there were no words. Everything was “right now.” Clearly, there is only “right now.” For the first time, I knew exactly what that meant. Next, my God showed me how completely beautiful I am to Him, and the profound love that He has for me, His own, His child. It was overwhelming, I could not take it all in. Then He said to me, “My love is infinite. This beauty and love that I have shown you, with your finite understanding, does not come close to what is true, to what I have created in you. I am pleased with my work, and I love him (The guy whose hands were around my neck) just as much. I created him too. Go back, forgive, and learn to love yourself as I love you. You are the body of God, I live and breathe through you.” At that point, I came back to my body and that young man was thrown off of me about 5 feet. His eyes were rolled all the way back showing only the whites. He was clearly not in his body as I returned to mine. He jumped back on the bed and tried to hit me, but there was a shield around me. I could see his fist coming right for my face, but I was totally encased in an invisible field of protection; he could not make contact with my body. I screamed and someone who was in the house came into the room interrupting our violent trance. In a panicked state of complete insanity, the young man begged, “Please marry me.” Clearly, he had lost his mind, and luckily... I had finally found mine. Had it not been for my visit to the heavens, I probably would have been persuaded and manipulated to stay. It did not work… this time. I left everything behind as I managed to find my keys but not my shoes. I ran out of that house to my car. It was raining, really pouring down that night. The ground was icy under my bare feet. I was drenched by the time I traveled eternity; the 30 feet from front door to car door. I drove in circles for hours scared to stop as the rain turned to hail. There were only pay phones then, and I was in a shady part of town. I was terrified to leave the safety of my car. DId he follow me? Was he nearby watching me? Was he waiting for me to get out? Just before dawn, I finally gathered enough courage to pull over, get out of the car, and phone a nearby friend. She came to get me, as I sat waiting, terrified in my locked car. Thunder and lightning crackled and flashed as the wind whipped and rocked the car. The storm was somehow comforting. In the morning the rain had stopped. The air was chilled but fresh. The sky was crystal clear with mountainous clouds moving quite rapidly across. Things were different: clean, bright, renewed… and so was I. My first day sober was that very day, January 14, 1995. I have never been the same. Now that’s what I call a surrender. Maybe you’ve not experienced such dramatic circumstances, or maybe you have. Either way, we've all experienced some pain, betrayal or violation of our heart. My question to you is... What did you do with it? Are you still wounded, victimized and trapped in patterns that seem out of your control? Or have you used it to step into a new way of being: healed, powerful and bold? Have you let go of the victim and turned your tragedy into triumph? I have, and I’ve stopped the pattern of creating pain for myself. No matter how big or small your struggle is, my Mindset Mastery Program can help you find the power in all of your experiences. It does not matter whether you are having painful relationships, financial trials, or just can’t seem to realize a goal. All of these problems are different on the surface, but the core and the solution are always the same. I'd like to be part of that solution. CLICK HERE to schedule a consultation. Enter the coupon code, YES at checkout to waive the fee. A little time with me can change a lot. Tomorrow becomes yesterday pretty quickly. Let's do this now! Here is what one of my clients, Deb Ansuini, Owner of The Body Philosophy Spa in Long Beach, has to say about her experience with My Mindset Mastery Programs. …

My experience with Dawnmarie Presley’s Mindset Mastery Coaching programs has been so amazing. I'm different; happy, calm, and rising to levels in my career I never thought I would get to. Everything is changing for the better! And I just keep climbing higher!

Give her a try, she’s so worth it!

Remember... What You Want, Wants you. Let's Me Help It FInd You!

Much Love and Light, Dawnmarie Presley, C. Ht. MIndset Coach 818 217 6176

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