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Three Rotten Eggs: How To Get The Most Value From Your Coaching

I'd like to ask you to take a moment and play pretend with me:

Imagine that you are at a fabulous 5-star restaurant and you top off the amazing meal with the best chocolate cake... EVER!

It’s fluffy, moist, and perfectly sweet. It’s just right. You are very impressed and ask to speak with the chef. You compliment him, “This cake is amazing. Will you please share the recipe with me?" The chef responds, “Sure, but you must follow the recipe exactly or it won't be any good.” You promise, "Oh, I will. Please tell me.” He begins to recite the ingredients: "3 cups of flour.” You: “Got it.” “2 cups of sugar.” “Uh huh.” “One cup cocoa powder.” “Great.” “½ cup butter .” “Ooohhh, I love butter.” “3 large eggs.” “Uh, wait, I don’t like eggs. Can I leave those out?” In a rather ominous tone, “It won’t work without the eggs.” “But, uh, hmmm…” “He finishes giving you the recipe and says, “There it is. Let me know how it turns out."

The chef has explained exactly what you need to do to get the cake you want. With the recipe inhand, and clear directions to follow, you head home eager to triumph the cake. Once home, you rush to the kitchen. In goes the sugar, the flour, the cocoa, etc. You then say to yourself, “I really hate eggs. I don’t need them. They can’t be that important. There’s only 3 anyway. I bet I can use milk instead.” Not considering that the chef has studied for years and understands the “Exact Science” of baking, and you don’t, you leave out the eggs and charge ahead with the rest of the recipe. Lo and behold, it turns out flat and chalky. You ring the chef and say, “Hey, that recipe didn’t work. Did you forget an ingredient?” “Well, did you put in the eggs?” “No, I hate eggs, it only called for 3 anyway.”

"Gotta put in the eggs. Try it again and use 3 Large eggs.”. “Seriously?” “Yup, seriously.” You go back to try again, and this time decide all you really need is 1 egg…

Of course, the cake is a flop. Again you call disappointed with the recipe, upset that it’s not coming out as promised. The chef sharply responds, “Three large eggs!” and hangs up. You continue avoiding the eggs with the same end result, a flop of a cake. You spend more and more time, waste money on ingredients, and might even end up quitting. Your process never changes, the chef’s answer is always the same, and you carry on never getting the cake you want: all due to three rotten eggs. Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, This analogy is not far off the mark from reality. People often invest in a coach, but don’t follow the directions for the solution. They are frustrated with the lack of results and can’t make sense of why it’s not working out for them. They exhaust every other possible solution, rather than doing the one thing that needs to be done. Only when they want “The Cake” enough will they put in the 3 eggs and get the desired result. Sometimes people spend a lifetime not following the instructions. These people never get the prize.

When you decide to learn a skill, create a new positive habit, or shift into a higher quality of life, there will be a required course of action. That action can be given by a mentor, coach, or even an instruction manual or video. The “teacher” has a proven method, the instruction manual has been tested. If you do not get the result you were seeking there are only a few reasons why.

  1. You are not following the instructions as given.

  2. The instructions or instructor is incorrect, or they are not a good fit for you.

  3. A little of both.

It is most likely reason #1. It's easy to tell yourself that it’s reason # 2. However, this is rarely the case if you choose wisely. These are my suggested “3 large eggs” for getting all you can from your coaching:

  1. Choose Your Coach Wisely: There are no licensing laws for coaching in the state of Ca. (Section 2053.6 of the California Business and Professions Code) and in many other states. Anyone can be a coach with no required education or training, and certification can be purchased for less than $50.00. Having a coach with experience and training can make a huge impact on your results.

  2. Ask for a consultation: Many coaches will give you a free session or consultation so you can experience working with them. Some may require a fee, but it is worth your investment and could save you time and money in the end.

  3. Research them: Make sure they have the education, skill, and training.

  4. Check out testimonials to see the results they deliver.

  5. Ask to see their Professional Bio: It should include how long they have been in business, education, special training, and can give you a general feeling for who they are.

  6. Trust your heart and not your head.

  7. Be humble: It will expedite your growth.

  8. They have something you want: wisdom, information, technique, etc.

  9. Be open.

  10. Follow instructions as given.

  11. Show up with your whole being.

  12. Give it your all: It’s the only way to know if it works.

I am not suggesting mindlessly and blindly doing something that feels morally and ethically out of integrity for you. Of course, always honor your heart's guidance first.

Your life and dreams are important. Give them the time, energy, and money they deserve, and… put in 3 large eggs!

My Mindset Mastery course and Private Coaching are powerful ways to move into your goals. They can be part of your recipe, two of the Large Eggs to your success!

Interested in learning more about the course? Join my live Q and A for the Mindset Mastery course this Sat. May 19, at 9:30 AM.

Here’s what one of my clients, Fran Haynes, has to say about her experience with following the recipe from my Mindset Mastery course:

“Thank you Dawnmarie for gently pushing me in this process. I was so frustrated with my situation and have now been able to let go of so much of the baggage that was holding me back. My business is thriving and my personal life has opened up to more joy, love, and success. It wouldn’t have happened without your help and continued guidance. If you want to change your life for the better, I say Dawnmarie is the way to go.”

Fran Haynes

Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

The Mindset Mastery course has a recipe that delivers! If you want the "Sweet Cake" then schedule a complimentary

Remember...What You Want, Wants You, Let's Help It Find You.

Much love and light,

Dawnmarie Presley, C. Ht.

Mindset Coach

818 217 6176

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