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Having over 24 years of sobriety from alcohol and drugs, I understand first hand the pain and suffering of addiction.  Nothing causes more damage in the life of an addict than the chains created by the associated behaviors. Not only are the individual's life torn apart and rampaged, but the lives of the people around them as well.  

This existence is one of serious struggle, deep degradation of character, spiritual erosion, overwhelming shame, gripping fear, emotional paralysis, absolute annihilation of self, and all too often death. The motive for all of this is self-loving in the form of self-soothing. Of course, the methods of doing this never deliver the result they really want, in reality, it ends up doing more damage. The addicts biggest struggle is successfully fulfilling their own needs, whether basic shelter, or connection and belonging, and their strong belief in their inability to do so. 

There is hope and a solution. I have had great success in helping people take back control of their behavior and lives. By facilitating personal ownership of their life circumstances, and responsibility for what they want, my clients experience rehabilitation of their heart and start experiencing love again. 

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