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You are always manifesting. There is never a time when you are not creating your life. Understanding this is the first step in changing what you are experiencing.  Not understanding how the machine of your mind works can be fatal to your success. 

Many times people come to me expressing deep frustration and sadness, sometimes even great dispair. What they want never seems to come to fruition. No matter how hard they try, how diligently they follow the directions, it never seems to work out. They do not understand how what they think and feel, has a much greater impact on what they experience than their actions do. 

In this 6 week class you will:

  • Learn how your mind works.

  • Gain understanding as to why your life is exactly that way it is... and change it! 

  • Learn how life on the soul line is much more powerful than life on the goal line. 

  • Open up to new possibilities.

  • Learn exercises to change what you are manifesting.

  • Much More!

Join me and a group of like-minded others in a journey of Empowering Education and Fulfilling Creation. 

Class starts September 17th, 2019

       Early Registration - $595.00

       After September 10th, 2019 - $795.00


Call Dawnmarie to Enroll today! 

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