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A Really Uninspired Story! Eight Steps to Reignite Your Creativity

Eight Simple Steps to Reignite Your Creativity

I recently committed to writing an email blog every two weeks. I resisted doing this for two years. When I finally gave in and agreed, it was challenging, but exhilarating at the same time! I looked with eager anticipation each time I hit the “Send Button of Doom”. Within the hour my inbox received emails from enthusiastic responders praising me for my efforts, or complimenting the subject I had written about. It was wonderful! Each time I looked forward to my next musing.

As I prepared to write this weeks email, I went over my idea list of possible email subjects, nothing prompted even a mere spark of interest. I sat at my computer, fingers on keyboard, typing a few words, then deleting. My metaphorical wastebasket was overflowing with crumpled bits of thoughts and ideas like an old Film Noir set. Several attempts, many hours, and a few days later… still nothing!

In frustration, I questioned, “what’s going on? What's happened to all my raw gumption?” I had been so engaged, eagerly looking forward to the creative process, that this stronghold of resistance made no sense to me. I could have just left it at “Writers Block”, but being a Mindset Coach...I knew better. I knew there was something more than the superficial stopping me.

I decided to look closer. I got quiet, took a few deep breaths and listened to my thoughts. OH MY! Nothing positive going on there. My mind was crammed full of really unkind, cattish babbling. I was so busy with negative feelings and projecting onto others, that there was no room for anything else. With an even closer look, a feeling of fear gripped my chest; I breathed into it…

Suddenly I remembered that this private internal gossip gala had started a few days prior, just after I reached a large goal in my business. Then it hit me; I was having an *Upper Limit Problem.

Have you ever been excited about doing something, getting things really moving, and then... BAM! you find yourself frozen, uninterested, seemingly without cause?

If the answer is "Yes", an Upper Limit Problem might be the cause.

When you're about to excel into a new level of joy, success, and abundance, you unconsciously do something to bring yourself back down. Everything inside of you wants to stay the same; it’s safe there, or so it seems. At least it’s the way things have always been, and you're about to blow the roof off. You're pushing the limits. You then create things to lower your vibration and squelch your joy. This allows you to stay put, anchored in place by these heavy frequencies, settled comfortably into the warm muck of mediocrity.

Have you ever been moving along, gaining momentum and success, and then you just stop, or fall farther behind than before?

Do you find yourself looping in patterns of failure, and painful experiences, etc?

There are many possible reasons. Not all of them are Upper Limit Problems, but they can be addressed and cleared with the same tools no matter how or why they are there.

Two powerful tools are my Private Mindset Coaching and Mindset Mastery course. They are designed to help you look deeper into these behavior patterns.

Here is another tool. This process will get you moving again!

Eight Simple Steps to Reignite Your Creative Energy.

  1. Acknowledge that your sense of apathy or the resulting procrastination, stagnation and aggravation are a sign that there is a belief circling under the surface.

  2. Claim you power to shift. Recite out loud, “I have all the power I need to ignite my creativity.”

  3. Take some deep breaths, be quiet and listen: to your heart, the trees, birds, etc. Be present and patient.

  4. Allow your mind to settle into thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

  5. Go deeper into these experiences; just be with them. They might intensify momentarily, but they will soon fade if you stay with them.

  6. Write out any awareness that come forward.

  7. Ask your heart what action you can take.

  8. Jot down whatever ideas come forward… and do them, even if they seems silly or unrelated.

If you follow these steps, you will soon feel your creative inspiration return, and more strongly at that.

This is what this process revealed to me; I was afraid to be seen, fail, laughed at, and to be found not good enough, so I pulled back to stay small by dimming my creativity. The suggested action that came forward for me was to be vulnerable and honest by writing this email about my resistance. This email flowed quite easily once I addressed the underlying fears and beliefs. The willingness to take action cleared those ideas and created energy. I am now ready to move forward!

Are you ready to move forward, too? Then you are just one phone call away from Mastering your Mindset and realizing your most Brilliant Life!

The next Mindset Mastery course starts on:

Monday, June 11, 2018

7:30 PM to 9:30 PM PST

The last class sold out quickly, so call today to hold your seat.

Here’s what one of my clients is saying about her results with my Mindset Mastery course.

I’m currently taking my second round of these amazing classes. They have absolutely changed my life and continue to lift me higher. I was feeling stuck. I’d make a plan, and set intentions, but something always got in the way. Dawnmarie’s classes and private coaching have really helped me dissolve the issues and start moving.

Heather Mahoney

Touch Therapy Mobile Massage 818 282 5117

Thank you Dawnmarie, for helping me achieve my dreams!

Call Dawnmarie now to schedule consultation!

Remember...What You Want, Wants You.

Let's Help It Find You.

Much love and light,

Dawnmarie Presley, C. Ht.

Mindset Coach

818 217 6176

* You can learn more about the Upper Limit Problem as written by Gay Hendricks in his book The Big Leap.

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