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I Was Fabulously Failing, You Too?

Most people don’t realize it, but failure can be success to the sub conscious(SC) mind.

I’ll illustrate with my very own story which I had tucked deep within my SC mind for almost 20 years. I was unaware of its driving impact.

As a child diagnosed with ADD and Dyslexia, I was rarely the teacher’s pet. Learning and paying attention were difficult for me. I had a fantastic imagination which constantly stole my attention.

I landed in the most popular teacher’s class for 6th grade. She was clearly not fond of having a child who did not learn according to the standard teaching model. She was neither patient nor kind… with me.

After studying the solar system for two weeks, we were given an assignment. My understanding was to “make something from the solar system”. Finally, an assignment I was good at: art! I would create something so fabulous, she would have to admire me and my work. I couldn’t wait to get started.

I decided on my project. I found a giant box, 3’ by 2’ feet. I stood a mere sixteen inches over that box, it was huge! Several hours later, covered in black paint, glue, silver and gold glitter, etc. I had completed my masterpiece. A perfect fit to scale version of the Big Dipper, fashioned with tiny tin foil covered disco ball stars hanging and dancing from the top of the box. I was proud of my work and could hardly wait to present it in class.

Next day, walking to school, carrying my “first prize” art work, I was met with other kids doing the same. I heard a shout, “Dawnmarie, what’s that?” I turned to see my schoolmates carrying shoe boxes. I realized I had missed something of great importance in my work. The too familiar embarrassment and shame burned in my belly as bright red displayed on my face. I stepped onto the playground, the others rushed towards me and laughed at my “Best Work”. The bell rang and I stood ashamed, in line waiting for the teacher. All the other boxes had beautifully designed playdough solar systems neatly and perfectly arranged. I knew right then that I hadn’t listened and missed the mark…again.

My utterly annihilated self-esteem was met by a furious middle-aged, frustrated teacher glaring down at me. “WHAT’S THAT?”, she growled! Without giving me a chance to answer she hissed, “that’s trash, go throw it away”. Every step of the 70-foot journey to the dumpster is still clear in my mind. I can still hear the howling laughter of the others, and the tinfoil balls knocking against the sides of the box. I stepped up to the dumpster, lifted my “Best Work”, and tossed it over the edge. As it smashed into the depths of the trash bin, the words “no one will ever see my best work again!”, crashed into the depths of my SC mind, cementing that plan in place!

The next semester, I entered with a new SC agenda. The first report card had five failed classes and one D. I had given the orders and my mind obeyed with perfect accuracy. I was a “complete success”, and it remained that way for decades, landing me in rehab for alcohol and drug addiction.

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever felt so stripped of your dignity right when you thought you were shining your light?

Are you hitting the ceiling to your success and can’t seem to shift out of that pattern?

Your SC mind is programed to achieve success and is always listening to your thoughts, especially during such emotionally charged events. What you say, feel, and think at these times creates a blue print for your mind to follow, which is considered success, even if it is considered failure to the world. I told my mind that failure was the plan, and therefore I was a success. I was consciously unaware of any of this.

What to do about it?

It all starts with the awareness that something is coming between what you have and what you want. In my case it was the Big Dipper. Once you become aware, there are things you can do to clear these patterns and create more positive ones.

Now my “Best Work”, the Mindset Mastery Course, is a rapid and effective way to clear these negatives and start experiencing the success you desire. It helps the Subconscious and the conscious minds move towards the same goal.

Here is what one of my clients is saying about her results with my Mindset Mastery Course: “I am celebrating a huge breakthrough in CLIENTS AND CASH, thanks to the private work I am doing with Dawnmarie Presley and her Mindset Mastery Course. She is nothing short of f-ing amazing! It’s awesome how quickly my life is changing for the better. You simple have to work with her... NOW!

I love you Dawnmarie!

Ann Bennett-Renegade Branding

Are you ready for your success? Then you are just one phone call away from Mastering your Mindset and realizing your dreams!

Call Dawnmarie now to schedule consultation!

Remember...What You Want, Wants You.

Let's Help It Find You.

Much love and light,

Dawnmarie Presley, C. Ht.

Mindset Coach

818 217 6176

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