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Start The New Year With A Gift For Yourself!

Greetings! I would like to celebrate my great year by giving you a gift! As the year comes to an end, 2019 holds the promise of new and exciting dreams. I thought I would share about my WINS this past year. I would also love to hear about your VICTORIES. Send me an email, so we can celebrate together! Here we go… 1. Mid-year, my heart told me I needed a creative outlet, so, I built a crafting shed. It was finished just before Christmas… and it's the greatest gift EVER! 2. I treated myself to a brand-new zippy car with all the bells and whistles. Another Christmas Present to myself. So fun! 3. I released 28 pounds, and my goal was only 25. The benefits are way more than I had expected. WOW! 4. I decided I needed more support for my business, so I employed several coaches and an assistant to make my life flow more easily. 5. I launched my blog and got great feedback. It’s really exciting and fun! 6. I launched my new manifestation program, Dream Cases & Wine. It’s a party with a purpose! It’s educational and productive, and it works; like a vision board only more powerful. Last, but certainly not least... 7. I set the intention to increase my income by 15% but flew right past that to 50%… and it all happened in the last half of the year.WOWZA! I was not even expecting that. But my intention was clear, my efforts enduring, and my commitment… ironclad! Way to go, Dawnmarie!!! Look at what creating strong intentions, committing to living my best every day, and making self-honoring choices produced for me in 2018. Powerful! All of this took an incredible amount of support from others, but most importantly, from myself. It took enthusiastic work, choosing to shift my attitude when I realized it was less than positive, and acknowledging my commitment to self every day. It also took huge amounts of belief in myself. If you would like to have a WIN list at the end of 2019, you most certainly can. It all starts with deciding to make it a priority and getting the support you need. I would very much like to be part of your support system. I can help you, not just because I read a book on how, or someone told me how, but because I’ve done it for myself. I have over thirty years of experience in helping others do the same, year in, year out! I'm excited to give you my Year-End Gift. I'm offering a complimentary consultation, valued at $95.00, to anyone who would like to say “YES” to their dreams in 2019.

BELIEVE ME, a little time with me can make a huge difference in the trajectory of your goals and the success of your dreams.

If you've worked with me before, let's have a chat and see what your next goals can be, what that looks like, and how working together can manifest that into reality! Follow the link below to schedule your free consultation. Use the coupon Code - YES at Check out.

What You Want, Wants you. Let's Me Help It Find You!

Happy New Year, Dawnmarie Presley, C. Ht.

MIndset Coach 818 217 6176

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