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Yes, forgiveness is religious and spiritual, but it is also emotional, mental, and physical as well. The process is incomplete unless you deal with all levels. 

Forgiveness empowers you to give up the idea of victimization.  And if you consider yourself a victim in any way, it will impact your ability to have peace, love, and abundance in your life.  You really can let go of this idea of being "wronged," no matter how hurt you feel, and your success in life just might depend on it. 

My process has helped hundreds of people let go of the mental chains that resentment creates. And most of them didn't even know they were resentful. 

Here are just a few signs that forgiveness might be for you:

  • Experiencing heavy emotions on a regular basis: fear, anger, rage, hate or self-hate, deep sadness. (Emotional Turbulence) 

  • Replaying old events in your mind wishing you could change them; regret. 

  • Sleeplessness.

  • Struggling financially.

  • Experiencing repeated violations.

  • Strong resentments at others or self.

  • Negative self-talk.

  • Low Self-esteem.

  • Stressful relationships.

Here are the possible results of forgiveness:

  • Waking up eager to start your day.

  • Experiencing joy, love, and deep peace. 

  • Sleeping deeply and waking up refreshed.

  • Financial stability and growth.

  • Greater confidence and self-esteem.

  • Fulfilling relationships.

  • Greater success in your career. 

  • Experiencing deeper love for self and others.

Are you ready to be completely freed from this delusional world of limitation?  If yes, forgiveness might be your answer. 

Let's chat and find out. 

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