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Have you been working super hard to reach a goal? Have you put all your efforts into moving forward in a business, relationship or project and find minimal movement?  Have you taken the best advice, suggestions, classes and still not reached where you want to be? If you can answer "Yes" to any one of these questions then you might have to start at the beginning; at your MINDSET. 


Most people start out on some project, relationship or goal with enthusiasm and excitement to find it waning quickly.  They continue to think the drawback is due to some external element, technique, skill, etc.  The nature of the issue is one of the mind. The Subconscious and the conscious often have conflicting agendas. The internal tug of war is exhausting, defeating and emotionally painful.  


Dawnmarie works with you to bring congruence to your subconscious and conscious minds by shifting your mindset. The result is an easier, joyful experience in consciously creating your life. 


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