Chocolate Really Does Equal Love



Do you ever find yourself saying that you're not ever doing "THAT" again, only to find the very next thing you do, is what you said you wouldn't do? 

Yeah, me too. It's kind of our human nature. Here's why...

When we are very young, we are like a sponge taking in and storing information in the subconscious mind. We just accept that information as true. We don't question it much, if at all. We usually keep these ideas throughout our lives and act on them as we get older, even if they cause dysfunction and pain. The biggest problem is that we don't even know they are there. They are below our consciousness. 

Here's how it works. If grandma gave you chocolate cake whenever you were sad, the information that you store might be "chocolate cake is good. It makes me happy, it means that I am loved". (Chocolate equals love)

Of course, that's all fine and dandy until the Dr. says to you, "You're pre-diabetic, and you need to stop eating Chocolate Cake!" You tell yourself that you've got this! You're not going to have chocolate cake or sugary sweets anymore. Yet the next time a doughnut winks in your direction, you're all over it. A few minutes later you find yourself banging your head on the table saying, "How could I have done that... again?"

The answer is simple, your subconscious pairs that chocolate cake with love. The subconscious is roughly 88% of your mind and it is making choices for you based on the ideas that you created as a child; without any logic, reasoning skills, or input from your conscious mind. 

What to do about it? 

I always say that awareness is 90% of the corrective process. The remaining 10% is action. Realizing that in a mixed up crazy way, chocolate equals love, we can assess that there is a need for the experience of love. Learning a new, more sophisticated way to fulfill that need can greatly improve your strength in reprogramming it. The subconscious mind can then learn to match healthy food, fun experiences, and self-care with love. 

One of the most powerful and successful ways to reprogram this natural part of your mind is my Mindset Mastery Course; which has a proven track record for success. 

Here's what one of my clients has to say about her experience with the Mindset Mastery course...


Through your Mindset Mastery Course, I was able to let go of things I had been burdened with since before I was 3 years old, and I didn't even know they were there. You have given me tools to help uncover and resolve issues that have stopped me from love, happiness, and success. I now believe in and take action in the opportunities being offered to me. Dawnmarie, I can't thank you enough for the freedom and the strength I've created through working with you!

~Anne Lloyd


If you would like to know about how you benefit from this work, you can contact Dawnmarie at: 


Phone: 818 217 6176



Blessings and love! 


Dawnmarie Presley





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