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You've decided to be a coach.  Congratulations!

Perhaps you've gotten a certificate or maybe you've just decided to explore options, either way, you've landed in the right place. There will be many things you will need to know if you want to be successful, and sadly, they teach you none of this in coaching school. 

Having over 30 years of experience in helping others live a more empowered life has taught me many necessary lessons.  Lessons and mistakes I can save you from having to make. Because I was not skilled in the business side of my career I failed. I was able to help others, but could not generate enough business or money to keep my doors open.


Also, many coaches start up eager and excited but drop the ball and quite. After a few rejections or even successes, fear can set in, their hidden beliefs start to take over and replace their once clear vision of success with ideas of failure. Don't let this happen to you!

Here are some of the ways I can help you with a successful launch, or in course-correcting for optimal success.


Working with me you will:

  • learn and develop your personal style of coaching.

  • learn and improve your sales skills.

  • learn where and who to market to.

  • learn how much to charge. 

  • address and release hidden fears.

  • remove mental and emotional blocks.

  • create a mindset for success.

  • build confidence.

  • and much more.

Make sure you start out on a solid foundation. Set yourself up with a strong Mindset for success! 

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