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Moms' Matters are workshops geared towards mothers of all walks of life. Helping Moms Matter More.

F. A. Q.'s

1. I'm not a mom, how would I benefit?

Moms' Matters is a place where you can heal your mom issues.  We all have had a mom and many of us are moms.  Many of your underlying motives for you move through the world, and the choices you make, come from how your mothers demonstrated life.  Here we can help you shift from the unconscious programming from your mother to a more conscious place of choice.  ​

Even though Mom's Matters focuses on parenting in a more conscious way, you can benefit by parenting your self from a more powerful place.

2. Why was Moms' Matters created?

I have a goal to help make an impact on the world in the most positive way that I can. While contemplating how I could do that in the most efficient way, it occurred to me that starting at the point of impact would be the best place.  Just where is the point of impact one might ask.  Well,  it starts in our childhood.  What we see, feel, hear, and experience at that age play an major role in what we grow up to be and do.  By clearing some of those early age ideas we can parent both ourselves and our children in leading more emotionally mature and healthy lives. 

3. Do you offer other programs?

Moms' Matters is just one aspect of the Dawnmarie Presley, C. Ht. program.  There are several workshops related to healing your mindset and being a more emotionally and mentally conscious person including her twelve week Mindset Mastery Course and Private Coaching.  You can book a Comp Session to find out more about how Dawnmarie's services can benefit you.

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