Do you find that you are doing all you can but not getting the results you want? Chances are that it's your mindset.


As a result of taking my Mindset Mastery classes, you will find yourself moving towards and reaching your personal and professional goals with joy, grace, and speed. You will do this through an interactive phone conference which focuses on clearing the emotional and mental clutter and CHAOS driving your mindset and thus your reality. 


In these classes you will learn techniques to clear negatives, positioning yourself to create more accurately what you want. 


     Dream conversion is a precise name for the service offered by Dawnmarie. She was a classmate of mine at the University of Santa Monica and leverages that curriculum in a concrete way, but also drills deep into the subconscious mind with her programs so that it yields measurable results. I began to meet my ambitious targets within a month in her class and had key revelations that are bringing me more happiness and love.  
     Dawnmarie is definitely a valued advisor in the area of self-realization for anyone serious about taking charge of their happiness. I highly recommend her assuming you are ready for your truest desires to materialize. I call her the Muse.

—  Rosemary
Businesswoman, Investor and Corporate Board Director

    Thank you Dawnmarie for an extraordinary experience of love and light. Dawnmarie's workshops and classes helped me identify my desires, clear what was in the way, and reach my goals. 

They will bless you big time. Do it, just say "YES"!

—  Mandy M.

    Dawnmarie, I can't thank you enough for the freedom and the strength I've created through working with you!

    Through your Mindset Mastery Course, I was able to let go of things I had been burdened with since before I was 3 years old, and I didn't even know they were there.

     You have given me tools to help uncover and resolve issues that have stopped me from love, happiness, and success. I now believe in and take action in the opportunities being offered to me.         

—  Anne Llooyd
Mary Kay Beauty Consultant


Mindset Mastery I


6 Weekly Classes


Mindset Mastery II

Owning Your Life

9 Weekly Classes



Mindset Mastery III

Mastering Your Life

12 Weekly Classes



Mindset Mastery takes you from passively creating circumstances

to being fully engaged in the creation of your joy.

Payment plans available.

Ask about a custom package specific to your needs!