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How Sales Solve Problems
with  Dawnmarie & Charlene

Are you struggling to:

  • have confidence in the sales process?

  • start the sales conversation? 

  • feel worthy before making your offer? 

  • hear "yes!" from high-paying customers?


Are you doing all you can, but not getting the results you want?

It's not your fault. Chances are it's just a combination of your skillset & mindset. Good news, those can be CHANGED!

You can make those changes now


Dawnmarie & Charleen! 

What do your mindset and skillset have to do with it?

Many people struggle with sales because they lack the HOW part of the process.


Here are some of the things YOU need to know.


HOW do I...

  • find clients who are interested in my product or service?

  • communicate what need I can fulfill?

  • turn the conversation around to my offer? 

Once YOU have the HOW down, you'd think it would be easy to follow the process.

Not if your mind believes you can't be successful. 

That's where the Mindset aspect comes in.  

Here's where your subconscious mind may be stopping your "Yes."

Ideas like...

  • They might think I'm pushy and get upset.

  • I'm not supposed to make that much money.

  • They probably can't afford my prices.


And let's not forget the most common one... I'm not worthy! 

Subconscious means you don't even know you think or believe that!

These ideas can be exhausting, defeating, and emotionally painful.

There is a solution, and we've put it all together in this super-powered Master Class!  


If you've identified with any one of these points, then we need to start at the beginning; at your MINDSET, and then empower you with the skillset!  




Why Sales Solve Problems


Dawnmarie & Charleen

The Mindset Mastery Serie
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